On Your Mat

Ages 16 weeks and above – Introduction to Polite Manners and Additional Socialization.

These classes will teach the older puppy, adolescent, or mature dog a variety of cues to help them fit in with the family’s lifestyle.

Your pet will learn to:

  • Happily engage with you and other family members without fear, anxiety, or stress
  • Offer an off-leash “sit” with extended duration, distance, and distractions
  • Wait for release (“stay”) from a down, sit, at doorways, at intersections, etc.
  • Greet other dogs and humans politely inside and outside the home
  • Walk beside you with a loose leash
  • Eagerly return to you when called
  • Return to a “place” like a mat when cued
  • Release an item to the floor when directed to “drop it”