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“Sit,” “come,” “wait,” loose leash walking, and other skills are critical to safety and harmony.

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Polite Manners

The Polite Manners programs are designed to teach the older puppy (16 weeks and up), adolescent, or mature, or newly adopted dog a variety of cues to help them fit in with the family’s lifestyle while increasing polite manners and socialization to the world around them.

In the Polite Manners Program your dog will learn to:

Happily engage with you and other family members without fear, anxiety, or stress

  • Offer an off-leash “sit” with extended duration, distance, and distractions
  • Wait for release (“stay”) from a down, sit, at doorways, at intersections, etc.
  • Greet other dogs and humans politely inside and outside the home
  • Walk beside you with a loose leash without pulling you
  • Eagerly return to you when called
  • Return to a “place” like a mat when cued
  • Release an item to the floor when directed to “drop it”
  • Focus on you more

You will:

  • Learn how to respond should your dog pull or lunge forward
  • Learn how to walk your dog without tightening the leash
  • Have the tools and the knowledge to continue to practice your new skills and generalize them to different environments
  • Improve the relationship that you share with your dog
  • Communicate more clearly with your dog
  • Focus more on your dog
  • You will look forward to your walks together
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BASIC Polite Manners Training

Six group classes outside your home (Location and times to be determined)

Group class cost: $190


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PREMIER Polite Manners Training

Eight private classes in your own home. Here you and your pup will be better able to focus on learning new behaviors, cues, and cooperative care handling procedures in a quiet, less distracted environment.

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ELITE Polite Manners Training

This program is for those who want the BEST NEXT STEP for a dog who has completed the Essential Puppy Foundations program or for a newly adopted rescue. It includes everything in the PREMIER Polite Manners Training AND also includes:

Your Trainer accompanying you on up to two pre-scheduled Fear Free® Veterinary visits to your local veterinary office.
You and your pup will work together with the veterinary staff so he knows what to expect when he goes to the veterinarian rather than surprising or startling him later with a new experience.