My goal is to help you create a happier and more fulfilling life with your pet based on mutual respect rather than confrontation.

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I was raised around animals for most of my early years and always had an interest in science… more specifically, the healing arts. When I had the opportunity to go to college I wasn’t sure I wanted to handle some of the tasks that veterinarians had to perform so changed direction and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. My education led me to work in the field of natural health, the corporate world and then into sales, employee training, marketing, and business management in my own retail stores.

I taught classes in a variety of subjects, made presentations, advised customers, and ordered, promoted, and sold products. I found that the respectful interactions I had with customers helping them to understand the different options available that might fit their needs was very rewarding. After I sold my health food businesses to care for my growing family my career focus changed.

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While raising a family I learned the value of patience and watchfulness. There were no professional educational programs in animal training when I started my post secondary education but educational courses were beginning to pop up more and more just as the student was ready. I began to see that research in educational psychology in the animal world was very similar to human research, and I wanted to know more. Everything was falling into place to embark on a new journey.

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I wholeheartedly support the research findings in using positive reinforcement in animal training. In fact, my business is built around this research.

Asking me to help you set up the foundation to have a happy, fulfilling life of adventure with your four-legged companion is an honor.

Fear Free Animal Trainer Certificate
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 I am a proud member of The Pet Professional Guild (PPG), the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), and other industry organizations that support their members by offering current science based studies for continuing education credits.