In an industry where no one is required to have education in dog training to take your money for their services, wouldn’t it be nice to know your dog trainer has been educated or at least formally assessed in their knowledge and skill in dog training?

If not… what are you really paying for?

What credentials does your potential trainer have and can you verify them on an educational website?

Click on the logos below to verify my credentials on the educational website of the body that granted them.

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~ Linda Ross, BA, CPPS, LSHC-S, Elite FFCP (Veterinary), FFCP (Veterinary – Avian), FFCP (Veterinary – Equine), PetTech PetSaver™ Trained, AKC Good Citizen® Evaluator, AKC Temperament Test Evaluator

It is very important that the public know that the dog training industry is NOT REGULATED. There are no minimum education requirements, no skills assessment requirements, and no laws about what a person can do under the umbrella of “dog training.”

Absolutely anyone can call themselves a “dog trainer” and collect money for the service. They’ve grown up with dogs… isn’t that enough to know how to train them?

Of course not. So why do we accept this from service providers that are working with animals who could potentially bite someone?

As more and more consumers are asking for credentials to value what they are paying for the most professional dog trainers are continually educating themselves in the most recent research and skill sets. These professionals need continuing education to keep up their certifications. Because of the need for transparency in the industry many educational and association bodies are now allowing consumers to verify their professional’s credentials on their websites.

I believe it is important to you and your family that I know what I am doing as a professional! I have education in dog training basics and specialties and have been assessed by a the educational body who educated me. And I will continue to educate myself for my safety and to provide more value to you.

For full disclosure and for your information on what I have studied, the various certification curriculums are listed here.

Primary and Specialty Studies:


11/29/2023      Fear Free® – Mitigating Fear, Anxiety, and Stress for Dogs In Isolation and/or Quarantine – Certificate of Completion

10/25/2023      DogNostics – Dog Training Journeyman Level – Certificate of Completion

10/7/2023      Neighborhood Cats TNR Workshop – Certificate of Achievement

9/21/2023      DogNostics – Happier Healing Certification

9/10/2023      Fear Free® – Fear Free For Humans – Certificate of Completion

9/10/2023      Fear Free® – The Neurobiology of Toxic Stress – Certificate of Completion

9/9/2023      Fear Free® – Next Level Nail Trims – Certificate of Completion

9/9/2023      Fear Free® – A Close Look At Canine Enrichment – What, Why, and How – Certificate of Completion

7/22/2023      Fear Free® – Trainers Proactive and Preventative Training – Certificate of Completion

6/2/2023      Fear Free® – Animal Trainer Certification  

3/11/2023      Pet Tech® PetSaver™ Pet CPR / First Aid & Care – Certificate of Training  (Review training)

Primary and Specialty Studies:


12/7/2022   Suzanne Clothier – Maddening to Maturity Webinar

11/5/2022    DogNostics – Dog Training Apprentice Level – Certificate of Completion

11/1/2022    DogNostics – Certified Pet Care Professional (DN-CPCP)

8/18/2022     Suzanne Clothier – Anatomy of Attention Webinar

7/30/2022    Fear Free® –  Finesse The Chin Rest: The Basics and Beyond For Cooperative Care – Certificate of Completion

7/23/2022    Fear Free® – Veterinary Certification (Equine)

6/18/2022    Canine Principles – Senior Dog Care Course – Certificate of Completion

6/6/2022      Canine Principles – The Dog Rescuers Guide – Certificate of Completion

6/5/2022      Relationship Centered Training – Better Handler Habits – Awareness is Step One – Certificate of Completion

6/4/2022      Jessica Wheatcraft CDBC, CPDT-KA – Leash Reactivity Webinar (Completed )

6/4/2022 – Treat – Retreat with Suzanne Clothier – Certificate of Completion

Primary and Specialty Studies:


7/8/2021      RESCUE® – Veterinary Infection Preventionist – Certificate of Achievement

3/23/2021      IACP – Helping Your Dog In a Post COVID World Award

2/13/2021      Pet Tech® PetSaver™ Pet CPR / First Aid & Care – Certificate of Training  (Review training)

1/16/2021   Canine Principles – Canine Communications – The Language of a Species – Certificate of Completion

Primary and Specialty Studies:


11/16/2020  Fear Free® – Veterinary Certification (Avian)

10/24/2020   Fetchfind – Feline Fundamentals – Certificate of Completion

10/22/2020   Fear Free® Shelters – Housing and Environment Course – Certificate of Completion

7/1/2020       Low Stress Handling® UniversityLow Stress Handling® Certified – Silver

6/24/2020     Canine Principles – Positive Dog Training For Ethical Owners – Certificate of Completion

5/7/2020       Fear Free® Shelters – Intake and Admission Course – Certificate of Completion

5/7/2020       Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) – How to Protect Your Business Before and After COVID-19 – Certificate of Completion

4/27/2020    Canine Principles – Wolf Awareness – Self Study Workshop – Certificate of Completion

3/25/2020 – Webinar – Understanding Livestock Guardian Dogs

3/19/2020 – Webinar – When SH*T Hits the Fan

Primary and Specialty Studies:


10/21/2019   Fear Free® – Elite Certified (1 of the first 50 in the WORLD!)

8/24/2019     Fear Free® – Shelters Course – Certificate of Completion

8/1/2019       IAABC – Trish McMillan – The Shelter Dog Mentorship (Audited)

6/29/2019     Dog Trainers Connection – How to Work Aggression Cases A-Z

5/9/2019      Fenzi Dog Sports Academy – (Webinar) – Peeing on Your Dog’s Toys and Other Myths – Part One of a Two-Part Series on Resource Guarding

5/9/2019       Fenzi Dog Sports Academy – (Webinar) – “Possession Is Nine-Tenths of the…Oh Wait! What Ya Got There?” – Part Two of a Two-Part Series on Resource Guarding

5/5/2019     The Loose Leash Academy – Aggression in Dogs – Defensive Handling/Training (On-site) – Certificate of Attendance

3/3/2019   Fear Free® – Success! Proven Fear Free Strategies

3/3/2019   Fear Free® – The Vital Role of Client Service Representatives

3/3/2019   Fear Free® – The Pathway to Happy Clients, Happy Patients, and Happy Veterinarians

3/2/2019   Fear Free® – Podcast – The Role of Technicians in Fear Free

3/1/2019   Fear Free® – Podcast Series 3 – Fear Free® Pets

2/13/2019   Fear Free® – Companion Animal Euthanasia Course

2/9/2019     Pet Tech® PetSaver™ Pet CPR / First Aid & Care – Certificate of Training  (Review training)

2/6/2019     VetFolio – Pandora Syndrome in Cats

2/6/2019     VetFolio – Understanding the Cat

1/30/2019     Pet Sitters International – PSFS Webinar – Feline Behavior and Aggression

1/24/2019   Fear Free® – Feline Destructive Scratching

Primary and Specialty Studies:


12/31/2018   VetFolio – Osteoarthritis: Early Recognition and Treatment are Key Course – Certificate of Attendance

11/12/2018    Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) – (Webinar) – Understanding LIMA

10/5/2018    Karen Pryor Academy – Dog Trainer Foundations – Certificate of Completion

9/2/2018      Fear Free® – Level 3 Certified

8/12/2018      VetFolio – 2018 Web Conferences: Leptospirosis: Why Awareness and Diagnosis Is Crucial to Your Patients, Clients & Practice

6/30/2018    VetFolio – Feline Idiopathic Cystitis and The Stressed Out Kitty

6/30/2018    VetFolio – Infectious Disease of Dogs – Certificate of Attendance

6/30/2018    VetFolio – Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Dogs

6/30/2018    Vetfolio – Heroes For Healthy Pets Infectious Disease Certificate Program

7/4/2018      Dr. Dunbar’s Dog Training Academy – Behavior Problems Crash Course

3/18/2018       VetFolio – Communication 104: Effective Online Communication

2/12/2018       VetFolio – From the Trenches: Practical Tips for Dealing with Ticks and Tick-Borne Disease in Practice

2/13/2018    Fear Free® – Level 2 Certified

Primary and Specialty Studies:


10/2/2017   VetFolio – Canine Atopic Dermatitis Course

10/1/2017   VetFolio – Let’s Talk Heartworm: Strengthening the Tech to Pet Owner Conversation

9/13/2017   Doggone Safe – Risk Assessment & Safely Handling Multiple Dogs

8/24/2017     Doggone Safe – DogNostics Dog Bite Prevention Educator Certificate  

8/20/2017   VetFolio – Communication Certificate Program: Module 1 – Establishing Common Ground With Your Clients

5/31/2017   Maddie’s Fund – Feline Communication: How To Speak Cat

3/18/2017   Vetfolio – Veterinary Shelter Medicine Certificate

3/18/2017   VetFolio – Shelter Medicine Certificate Course – Module 4 – Shelter Vaccination: Why, When and How

3/18/2017   VetFolio – Shelter Medicine Certificate Course – Module 3 – Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan

3/18/2017   VetFolio – Shelter Medicine Certificate Course – Module 2 – Biosecurity in Animal Shelters

3/16/2017   VetFolio – Shelter Medicine Certificate Course – Module 1 – The Unholy Trinity

2/25/2017   VetFolio – 2017 Web Conferences: AAHA End of Life Guidelines

Primary and Specialty Studies:


12/7/2016     Maddie’s Fund – Helping Shelter Pets Find Health, Happiness, and Homes with Fear Free – Certificate of Attendance

12/6/2016    Fear Free® – Level 1 Certified (1 of the first 20 in Georgia!)

6/11/2016    Pet Tech® – Pet First Aid / CPR Training – Certificate of Training (Review training)

5/10/2012   Pet Tech® PetSaver™ Pet CPR / First Aid & Care – Certificate of Training  (Review training)

8/7/2010  Pet Tech® – PetSaver™ Pet CPR / First Aid & Care – Certificate of Training