The science of dog training is learning more about our knowledge of dogs every day. Your dog trainer needs to know what is changing so they know what is no longer safe or relevant in the dog training industry and they also need to know what is new. If your dog trainer has no formal education and is not required to keep up continuing education credits for their field you may be getting outdated information that can be harmful to the relationship you have with your dog.

While the list below is not an exhaustive list of my credentials it does touch on the focus of some of my education that I am able to share with you when I train your pet.

Click on a certificate below to take you to a link which will give you the curriculum for the course (if available on a 3rd party site) letting you know some of the information that I’ve studied and that is available for other dog trainers to learn as well (if they will take the time to learn it).

Fear Free Animal Trainer Certificate

DTC Apprentice

The Happier Healing Certification

Professional Pet Care Certification

From Maddening to Maturity

Fear Free Animal Trainer Certificate