As a member of the trainer group we agree that dog training is an art built on communication and respect for you and your pets. That is one of the reasons the members of our group continually educate ourselves. From your first phone call to the Respectful Communications Animal Training office to inquire about services, to the in-person Assessment where you meet your trainer and training program suggestions are made, you’ll get an idea of how professional and dedicated we are and how we work.

Your pets get the opportunity to know us as well. Whether they are friendly, boisterous, shy, or fearful we understand that each animal has its own personal space bubble. Like you, your pets get to choose whether we are a good fit for their emotional support and education. If you don’t see your trainer reaching out to engage with your pet right away, don’t think that it is because they don’t like animals. The basic standard operating procedure in our group is for the trainer to wait for the pet to consent to interact with them. We often change into other shoes when we come to your house and let your dog discover who we are by examining our our outdoor shoes while we walk away with you to give them space.

Going Forward

If you and your pets decide we are a good fit, you are presented with individualized package / program options based on your individual needs. Applicable services are added to the client portal and you can make appointment reservations yourself 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at your convenience. If we have an opening for your requested time(s) we will approve the request in the portal and commit it to an invoice based on your package or program.

To ease your mind just before you appointment, you will get a text from Respectful Communications Animal Training 24-48 hours before your appointment so that you can approve that our schedule matches yours. The text will re-confirm your appointment reservation (including the date and time your trainer will arrive on site at your home. )

When Your Trainer Comes to Train

Situational awareness is important to the safety of your trainer and your pet, so on arrival they will pay close attention to security issues they see when they arrive at your home. Your trainer will be looking for loose animals on site or nearby, gates left unlocked or ajar, etc. Our standard operating procedure at the beginning of each training visit is to review the notes from the last training visit and ask about your homework progress or challenges.

For safety and security when we are working with your dog we will need to have them on a flat lead (no retractable leads please) attached to a harness or collar. We do NOT train with choke, prong, or electric collars and do not work with retractable leashes for safety reasons .


Inclement Weather

Ice and Snow – North Georgia has many curves and hills which can become dangerous in freezing temps. If black ice or snowy packed roads are possible on your scheduled appointment day we will need to reschedule your appointment.


Rain and Stormy Weather– While we don’t have a problem working in the rain sometimes, your dog may find thunder and lightening very scary. They may not be in the “learning zone” when this happens. To avoid any negative effects from scary experiences and to give you the most benefit from your training we may need to reschedule your training visit to another day of the weather is particularly noisy outside.